Integrating with Zapier

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Setting up your Zapier account is quick and easy. Learn how to connect Spoke and Zapier to save hours (maybe even days) of your time! Zapier support is available to Spoke users on our Standard and Plus plans.

Supported triggers

  • New request - Triggers a Zap each time a new request is created.
  • New resource - Triggers a Zap each time a new Knowledge resource is created.

Supported actions

  • File Request - files a new request
  • Update Request - updates an existing request
  • Create Resource - Creates a new resource in the knowledge base
  • Invite User - Invites a new user to your Spoke organization (this may affect your Spoke invoice)

Supported searches

  • Find a user by Email - search for a user by their email address

If you're looking to do something more complex, check out our API documentation!

How to get started

In Zapier, search for Spoke. After selecting Spoke, you will be prompted to connect your account.

You should then get a popup window asking for an API key from Spoke. This is a unique key that can be generated in Spoke.

Finding the API key

  1. Select “My Profile”
  2. On the profile page select “Authentication”
  3. select “Generate a token”

Generate an API key and copy it to your clipboard. You will paste this API token into the popup from Zapier.

This step allows Zapier to create and manage requests in Spoke on your behalf.  

Zapier will show "success" once you’ve connected Zapier to Spoke. Select "Save + continue" to begin creating Zaps!  

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