Closing a team

Updated 1 month ago by Andrew White

If a team in your Spoke is no longer fulfilling the tasks you needed it for when it was created, you can always close it. Closing a team means no new incoming requests will be assigned to that team in the future. 

How to

First open the team you would like to close, and select Edit

Next, select 'settings' and scroll to the bottom of the window and select 'close team'

What happens when I close a team?

All the stats will be gone

The data this team has gathered for average resolution, auto-resolved rate, and more will be erased and cannot be retrieved. 

The KB assigned to that team will not be assigned anywhere

The KB resources that have been built for that team will now need to be re-assigned to different teams manually or they'll remain in the KB as unassigned and Spoke may not be able to use them to respond to questions.

The closed team can no longer be assigned requests

If a request comes in that would have been assigned to the deleted Team and no other suitable team is created, the new ticket is likely to go unassigned. 

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