Request priorities

Updated 6 months ago by Andrew White

With Spoke, you can mark requests high priority, to help solve the important issues first!

Please note: request priorities are only editable and visible by team members or admins.

The priority of a request can be changed from the any of the folders on the left. By selecting the three dots on the right side, choose 'Make high priority'

You will notice a small red arrow appear to the left of the request title. This denotes that an item has been marked as high priority.

Also notice how the request is moved to the top after being marked as high priority.

The priority level is not shown to requesters. This is intended to help with team triage and incident handling.

To remove an item from high priority, select the three dots again.

If a request is marked as high priority, the option will be 'make normal priority'. Select this option to return the request to normal priority.

Notice that the priority change shows in the bottom left of the window to confirm your reprioritization.

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