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Updated 10 months ago by Andrew White

Adding to askSpoke's robust Slack integration, we are excited to debut slash commands! Users can now create requests and search the knowledge base without leaving the keyboard!

Search the Knowledge Base

To search the knowledge base before filing a request, type "/askSpoke" then the title of your request.

If a relevant knowledge base resource exists, askSpoke will present it privately for review. Once "This helps" is selected, the knowledge resource will be viewable in the channel by any channel members. If "This doesn't help" is selected, a request preview will be shown, and the user can change details before filing the request.

File a request without searching the knowledge base

Maybe you're requesting services instead of knowledge, or maybe you need to file a request urgently. For these instances, use "/askSpoke file [Title of your request] to skip searching the knowledge base and file a request directly.

If the request has a form attached, and requires more questions to be answered, the user will be notified by askSpoke that these questions need to be completed to finish filing the request.

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