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askSpoke is excited to debut our very own Desktop application. Users can now download a desktop version of our web application to keep open on their machine!


Log into your askSpoke URL using a Google Chrome browser. Once you have logged in, locate the Install or + in the address bar.

Confirm that you would like to install the app by clicking Install in the popup window.

A Chrome application will download under your computer and open on your desktop. Now you can use askSpoke on your desktop, just as you use the Web app.

Use the Desktop app just like you would askSpoke.

Windows installation

To install askSpoke as an application on Windows 10, you will need Chrome Version 70+ using Windows 10.

  1. Navigate to your askSpoke URL <Org>
  2. In the top right, next to the Address bar, choose Settings
  3. Choose Install … and you're done!

These steps create a desktop shortcut for the askSpoke app for Quick access to askSpoke!

Opening askSpoke

If you are a Mac user, navigate to your Launchpad and search for the askSpoke Icon. Click the askSpoke icon to open the Desktop application.

You can also select askSpoke and choose Keep in Dock to easily access askSpoke from your Dock at any time.


To uninstall the askSpoke desktop app while the app is open, choose the "..." from the top right and choose Uninstall askSpoke

Confirm you'd like to remove askSpoke from your computer

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