Receive an email for each new Spoke knowledge resource

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Want to stay on top of your knowledge base and be notified when a new knowledge resource is created in Spoke? This Zap automatically notifies you via email whenever someone creates a new KB resource in Spoke. Select the link below to be taken into the Zap editor and set it up! For help integration Spoke and Zapier, read our integration article here.


Trigger app: Spoke
Trigger: New knowledge resource created

Connect your Spoke account, and pull in samples to test with. You can find more information on connecting Spoke and Zapier here.

This step grabs the fields you can use from Spoke. Make sure you don't skip this part!


Action app: Gmail
Action: Send email

Connect your Gmail account, then create the template.

The fields in Green contain information from Step 1. Select the button to use information from Step 1.

Select "Show advanced options" to choose where you'd like the email to be sent.


The template created in this step controls the formatting of the email you'll receive each time a resource is created.

The stock template is mapped as follows:

Email Subject: New KB Resource: (Title of resource from step 1)

Email Body:

Heads up! a new KB resource was created

- Title: (Title of resource from step 1)

- Author: (Author from step 1)

- See it here: (Hyperlink to resource from step 1)

Edit the template to include the details you'd like, and trigger a test email. Once the template looks good to you, flip the switch and turn your Zap live!

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