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The user menu is a quick way to access your profile, change your password and adjust your askSpoke notifications. You can make changes on your profile whenever you need.

Click the downward arrow next to your organization's name. This will reveal a dropdown.

Select "my profile" from the dropdown menu to personalize your account.

From here, you can easily upload or update your profile photo, adjust your name and phone number. Your email address is necessary to allow you to communicate with askSpoke; this field will automatically be filled with the email address your company used to invite you to askSpoke.

If you don't add the phone number you use for SMS, you'll be unable to communicate with askSpoke via SMS. This is so that askSpoke doesn't share information with anyone outside of your organization.

The directory

Below, you will see the "directory" section. If you integrate with your HRIS provider, this will be automatically filled in with information from your HRIS and the fields will be greyed out.

The directory is used to fill in your public facing profile. for more information on public facing profiles, look here.


Select "Notifications" to adjust your connections, change your askSpoke password, and tweak notifications settings for your account. 

Turning the notifications toggles off or on will determine how you receive updates on any askSpoke requests.


If you need to change your password, or find an API key, navigate to "Authentication"


You're also able to adjust the way askSpoke looks on the appearance tab to suit your personal preferences. 

Changing the color on your account won't change the way askSpoke looks for anybody else in your organization. 
Once you've made any changes, be sure to click 'save settings.'

Next, let's look at askSpoke's interface, and get familiar!

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