Getting started with Request Types

Updated 4 months ago by Andrew White

The best way to begin using Request Types, is to categorize your requests. Create Request Types for each different type of request that your team handles, and begin by assigning a type to each request.

Once you have trained Spoke to recognize different request types, the next step is to build forms for any request types that require more information to be solved. By adding a form to your Request Type, you can harvest all the information you need the first time, and cut down on the back and forth.

Ready to add your first form? Check out our step by step guide here.

Common request types include


  • Device replacement and repair
  • New Device requests
  • Networking outage
  • Software Access
  • Software Error
  • Bug reporting
  • Email distribution list


  • Employee Onboarding
  • Employee Offboarding


  • Supply Ordering
  • Snack Ordering


  • New Project
  • Asset request

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