Email: create a request

Updated 3 months ago by Andrew White

Need to start a new request and prefer to send all the details in an email? Spoke makes it easy. 

Spoke's general e-mail address is in the lower left of your Spoke dashboard.

- Sending an email to this address is like creating a general request; Spoke will auto-assign it.

- If you know which team you'd like to send your request to, navigate to "Teams" and choose the team you'd like to email. You will find the team specific email in the expanded team view.

Starting a request over email is the same as starting one on Spoke. 

The platform will search for existing knowledge base resources that can answer, and if nothing is available, Spoke will assign the ticket to a team. 

When Spoke does respond with a resource, let Spoke know if its answer was helpful or not. Your reply helps Spoke to learn how to respond to requests; if the answer wasn't helpful, Spoke will get it to the right person for a resolution. 

You can CC colleagues to the email to add them as followers to the request.
To help Spoke read your question clearly, add a "--" above your email signature. This helps Spoke understand which part of your email is the request.

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