Can I create requests on behalf of a teammate?

Updated 2 months ago by Andrew White

Sometimes you need to create a request on behalf of a coworker. Whether that be for a VIP, or someone starting to use Spoke. If you need to create a request from scratch on behalf of someone else, it's as simple as creating a request, and making your colleague the requester.

Creating a new request

Log into the Spoke web application, and enter your request into the request bar.

Next, select "No, file a new request." This will take you to the expanded request view.

In the expanded request view, select the "..." in the top right, then select "Edit request."

In the popup window, select the dropdown beneath "Requested by" and change the requester to the colleague for whom you are filing the request.

You can also change the subject of the request from this screen.

Editing an existing request

From any folder, select the "..." to the right of the request title. Then select "Edit request."

Next, choose the new requester by selecting the dropdown under "Requested by" then select "Save."

From this screen, you can also change the subject of the request.

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