Keeping knowledge resources up to date

Updated 3 weeks ago by Andrew White

Knowledge is dynamic, and consistently changing in today's world. Use Spoke to make sure your KB is always current!

Below you will find our Best Practices for Knowledge management

Flag items for review:

Encourage your staff to use our 'Flag for review' button in Spoke. This feature will give you a view into what KB's are falling out of date. For Example, if you change benefits providers, and forget to update the KB resource, end users can let you know, by selecting 'flag item for review' and entering a reason .

To view all items flagged for review:

  1. Navigate to the knowledge base tab
  2. Select the three lines in the top right, to reveal filters.
  3. Turn on toggle with the flag, to only show resources flagged for review.

When users flag a resource as needing review, it goes through two stages.

  1. If one user marks the item for review, the resource will show a yellow flag that the item likely needs review.
  2. If a second user marks the same item for review, the resource will show a red flag and the resource will be deprecated. Spoke will not use this resource again until it has been reviewed and updated.

Set review dates:

When creating knowledge resources, make sure that you're selecting review dates. You can add these from the edit screen in the top right of any knowledge resource.

One week before the review date, Spoke will email the author of the resource, stating that it's time for review. Once the review date has passed, the knowledge resource will be marked as needing review.

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