Product updates: Fall 2018

Updated 2 days ago by Andrew White

New improvements in Spoke's Slack integration:

Now, you can share resources in your Spoke knowledge base by pasting the KB link into Slack. We'll automatically show a rich preview!

Note: if you connected Spoke to Slack prior to Sep 13, you'll want to update your integration by heading to Settings, from your Spoke web app.

Coming soon

  • 📄Forms - ask for additional information and see it directly in the request
  • Multiple ways to filter lists of requests by requester, assignee, request type, status and team!
  • Bulk delete requests in app

Launched Fall 2018

  • Rich KB previews in Slack when you share a KB link
  • Accept new users directly in email and Slack
  • Expanded assignment options - set Out of Office and take someone out of rotation, or assign all requests to one person

Launched Summer 2018

Launched Spring 2018

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