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When you are ready to launch, customize the email below to share Spoke with requesters at your company.

πŸš€πŸš€Happy Launch Day! πŸš€πŸš€

Hi Team,

Β At <Company> we value using new, innovative tools that enable each and every one of us to work better together. This is why we are so excited to launch Spoke, a simpler, smarter way to manage requests for the <Insert Team> Team.Β 

Spoke is the new way for you to easily get in contact with us!Β 

With Spoke, we avoid two main things:

  1. "I don't know if you can answer this question but..."

  2. "How do I get help with..."

Let Spoke take care of routing your question to the right team and person! Simply, use one of these methods to ask Spoke:

If you ever want to see what is going on with your question or request, you can easily log into the web-app to view the status of it.Β 

Once you receive the welcome email from Spoke, you are ready to go!
If you have any questions, ask Spoke. ;)

-[Your name]

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