Create a Spoke request for each JIRA issue

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Many companies switch to Spoke before the contract ends on their legacy system. Consolidate everything into Spoke and make sure nothing gets missed. Use this Zap to pull any JIRA issues into Spoke for resolution! Select the link below to be taken to the Zap editor and enable this Zap!


Trigger app: JIRA software Server

Trigger: New issue created in JIRA

Connect your JIRA account and pull in samples to build with.

This step grabs the fields you can use from JIRA. Make sure you don't skip this part!


Action app: Spoke

Action: File request

Connect your Spoke account and build a template

The fields in Green contain information from Step 1. Select the button to use information from Step 1.


This Zap uses a message template. You can customize the template to fit your needs. This step controls the format of the Spoke request that's created each time a user files a JIRA issue.

Subject of request: Jira Subject from Step 1: (CDN Outage - West Coast US)

Body of request:

Issue reporter name: (Issue reporter from step 1)

Issue reporter email: (Reporter email from step 1)

Issue Description: (Description from Step 1)

Once the template is completed to your liking, Send a test zap to double check .

Check to make sure that all the fields in the template are showing as expected.

Once you've verified the Zap looks the way you'd like, proceed and make sure that your Zap is turned on.

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