All hands presentation

Updated 10 months ago by Andrew White

Follow these quick steps to customize the all hands presentation for your team:

  1. Download a copy of this presentation and save it to your computer/drive
  2. Replace all [COMPANY] and [TEAM] with your information
  3. On Slide 10, demo Spoke over Slack or Email.
    1. Use two examples: a question that creates a request and then a question that returns the answer right away 
    2. Fill out slide 11 based on the channels you want your employees to use

Our most successful clients do best when they clearly set expectations. Spoke will need help from humans to learn over time.

When you’re ready, we suggest you emphasize that:

  1. Spoke makes it easy to get in touch with your team
  2. Spoke will help take care of routing the request to the right team and person, so users no longer need to figure out who to ask. 

This way it will be an extra moment of delight when Spoke auto-answers the question correctly, instead of expected 100% of the time. 

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