Why do we charge per user?

Updated 10 months ago by Andrew White

Some traditional ticketing platforms charge per-agent because that’s the only way they can justify charging you more: for each additional agent, there’s value in the software enabling another technician to manage requests. (And that’s why part of our pricing is based on how many teams—like IT, HR, Facilities, etc.—in your company use Spoke.) 

But those traditional systems don’t add any value as your company adds employees. The more employees you have, the more service and information requests you get, the more interruptions and support work you have.

Spoke, on the other hand, only gets more valuable as more employees use it. Because Spoke's machine learning can auto-resolve requests on its own, Spoke can take on even more of the support workload as the number of employees and requests grow, sparing you and your team from interruptions and giving you back time to work on high-priority stuff.

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