Bulk request actions

Updated 3 months ago by Andrew White

Sometimes you need to edit requests in large groups. Maybe you want to reassign requests when going out of office, or maybe you need to delete some requests created during testing. Either way, Spoke makes it easy in the "All" tab.

Navigate to the "All" tab in the left bar. Here, find the requests you would like to edit.

Hover over the left side of the request to expose a checkbox. Use these checkboxes to select the other requests you'd like to edit.

Once you have selected your requests, press the button at the top that says "# requests selected" to reveal options for editing the request.

Bulk request options

  • File under - change the team to which the request is assigned.
  • Assign to - edit to whom the request is assigned
  • Mark as Open or Done - use this to change the request status; open or resolved.
  • Mark as pending - use this when a ticket is blocked from resolution, or awaiting external input.
  • Mark as private - use this to change the privacy level of requests
  • Delete - requests can now be deleted in bulk.

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