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"I can feel the difference in request volume since kicking off with askSpoke. Less people are walking up and asking questions. Things are more centralized, and I'm handling less requests for information. I'm finally making progress on the bigger projects!"

But can you prove it?

Yes! askSpoke now allows Admins to export 90 days of askSpoke data via CSV. This can help find your most consistent requests so you can add to the knowledge base. These statistics can also help you understand how and when to grow your teams.

askSpoke is pleased to offer this to users on our Standard and Plus plans. Click here for more information on our billing plans.

CSV fields

This will generate a CSV with the following fields, from your last 90 days’ of activity:

  • Request ID
  • Request subject
  • Requester full name
  • Requester email
  • Channel
  • Created at (ISO 8601 date and time format)
  • First response time (in minutes)
  • Closed at
  • Request auto resolved
  • Team name
  • Assignee full name
  • Assignee email
  • Request Type

Exporting CSV

  1. Navigate to the Settings page
  2. Choose Requests
  3. From the requests menu inset on the left, choose Export.
  4. Choose Export CSV.
askSpoke will automatically start a download of the CSV when the file is ready.

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