Uninvited users

Updated 11 months ago by Andrew White

Spoke is excited to announce support for uninvited users! If a user that is not a part of your Spoke organization makes a request, Admins will be notified with a button to approve or reject new users. By selecting this button, admins will see a list users waiting

Only admins can approve new users.

What happens when an uninvited user makes a request?

Spoke replies, informing the user that they haven't been invited to that Spoke organization. Once admins grant access, Spoke will notify the user that it's ok to make requests.

Then, Spoke sends a DM to the admin asking for. This depends on the admin's notification settings.

Via email:

Via Slack:

Selecting the "Manage Users" button will take you to view "Users" under the "Settings" tab. Notice that you have users awaiting approval.

From here, select the checkmark or the no sign to grant membership or reject the membership request.

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