Email domain whitelisting

Updated 5 months ago by Andrew White

Many times, admins receive askSpoke membership requests on accident. Whether a vendor (like Amazon) forwards an email to an alias, or someone emails the wrong inbox. Turn on Domain whitelisting, to limit the domains that can request access to askSpoke!

With Domain whitelisting, any email domain not on the whitelist will automatically be rejected, and the option of membership will not be given.

On Slack, the uninvited user flow stays the same. For more information on uninvited users in Slack, click here.


  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Select the Users menu
  3. Select the Manage Users button.
  4. Choose Domain whitelist settings

In the pop-up, enter all of the domains you wish to whitelist, separating each with a comma. Once you have whitelisted all the domains you need, press "Save".

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