SMS: create a request

Updated 10 months ago by Andrew White

On the move but need to ask a question? Spoke makes it easy to start a request using an SMS text. 

Before you begin:

Enter the phone number you'll be texting from into your profile; this is to verify you should have access to your organization's resources, not for any number-gathering by Spoke. 

SMS with Spoke

When texting Spoke, just use normal language like you would while texting with your team. Spoke even understands typical slang and different spellings, although maybe not the latest slang. Even Spoke can't understand teenagers!

You can find the phone number for your Spoke in two places: 

  1. On the lower left of your Spoke screen at all times
  2. Within "Settings" in Spoke under "Channels"

Learn more about how Spoke handles requests here.

SMS requests might not be assigned to private teams. We find it is best to save SMS requests for issues that don't need to be private.

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