Spoke has the ability to get you organized and save you time, but you don't have to spend weeks or months to get it started! You can have Spoke up and running with by following these steps:

  1. Create a team - Teach Spoke how to keep all incoming requests organized for you. 
  2. Add your first Knowledge Base (KB) article - Knowledge is power! Teach Spoke a few things it should know about your company.
  3. Initiate requests on Spoke - Learn how to pull information from Spoke, so your users are ready to ask Spoke instead of interrupting you.
  4. Train Spoke - Spoke gets smarter every time you ask it a question, so teach it how to pull the correct answer.
  5. Customize your Spoke based on your function - We have customized paths for IT and People Ops managers!
  6. Communicate Spoke - Once your account is ready to go, prepare to invite your company by giving them context about Spoke. We've created materials for you to use to announce Spoke, so you don't have to do anything except invite everyone!
  7. Launch Spoke - This is as simple as inviting everyone. You can do this via email, Slack, or CSV import.

Then just like that, you've got all your requests and questions in one place! To start setting up, follow our milestones by clicking buttons like the one below.

Happy Spoke-ing 😊

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